New Report – SUN Team members contribute to Nunavut Research Trends report

We are excited to share the news of a new report released by the Nunavut Research Institute (NRI) on Research Trends in Nunavut based on scientific research licenses (2004-2019)!

“We wrote this report mainly to help Nunavummiut learn about who is doing research, what they are studying, and where…We hope this report can provide a baseline to track changes in research across Nunavut over time; and to help us determine if science in Nunavut is adapting and evolving to meet the needs and expectations of Nunavummiut.”

Jamal Shirley (Nunavut Research Institute) and Gita Ljubicic (McMaster University) co-led the project analyzing the NRI research licensing database to learn how research can better serve Nunavummiut. The report was developed through database analysis by SUN Team members Alexis Polidoro and Alison Perrin, graphic design by Charlotte Buttle, and mapping by Regena Sinclair.

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