Update on Weather & Society Workshop Report – and Save-the-Date

Update on Weather & Society (W&S) Workshop Report

We apologize that our W&S Workshop report is now overdue.  There are so many great discussions and contributions to work through from the breakout group recordings, it’s taking us a lot longer than expected to develop the summary report.  We want to do a good job, and hope this report will be a valuable resource for all involved.  It is going to take us the rest of the summer, and we are now aiming to circulate the report in September. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Save-the-Date – W&S side meeting at ArcticNet, December 5, 2022

If you’re planning to be at the ArcticNet conference in Toronto this December, and you’re interested in discussions on weather, water, ice and climate services to support travel safety in Inuit Nunangat, mark your calendars!! We will host a follow-up event to the W&S online workshop, to be held in person at ArcticNet in the afternoon of Monday, December 5.  We will post more details in October.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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