Goose Policy Analysis

Banner Photo: Kukik Baker

A Wild Goose Chase: Examining the legislation and policy that influence Inuit rights to harvest and commercialize light geese in Arviat 


Funded by: McMaster Undergraduate Summer Research award

Photos: Kukik Baker


Through previous research in the Kangut project that documented Inuit knowledge of light geese in Arviat, Nunavut, community priorities highlight an interest in increasing the light goose harvest to address food insecurity in Nunavut. Light geese include Ross’s and Lesser Snow Goose, which are currently overabundant in Nunavut.

With this community interest in increasing the harvest of light geese, the Arviat Aqqiumavvik Society expressed concern surrounding the gaps and restrictions in international, federal, and territorial policies that impact Inuit food sovereignty and security. Guided by Shirley Tagalik of the Aqqiumavvik Society, and supported by Natalie Carter and Gita Ljubicic, the goal of this project is to undertake a policy analysis to understand the current status of legislation that would regulate or restrict a proposed community harvest of the overabundant light goose population around Arviat. This research contributes to Aqqiumavvik goals of understanding the legislation that impacts Inuit rights to harvest, share, and sell light geese in Nunavut.

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