Alexis Polidoro

Alexis Polidoro

MA Student
School of Earth, Environment and Society
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario

Facebook: Alexis Polidoro

Linkedin: Alexis Polidoro


Alexis is currently developing her research focus, to contribute to the Research Trends in Nunavut project.


Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, I am a graduate student from McMaster University. My thesis will use statistical spatial analysis to further understand the impacts of various research methods across Inuit communities. I have been contributing to the Nunavut Research Licensing Database since August 2019 as a Research Assistant. The NRI Research Licensing database is used to track all research licenses issued for physical sciences, health sciences, and social sciences/traditional knowledge research undertaken in the Territory each year. This licensing database provides the baseline data for the analysis of research trends that are occurring in Nunavut. The information from this database will be used in my Graduate Studies as I will investigate the research trends in Nunavut. In my spare time, I enjoy Sudoku puzzles, working out, or practicing yoga.

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