Nunavut Weather and Ice Services for Climate Adaptation

Banner Photo: James Nanau Tagalik

Understanding Nunavut Inuit community uses and needs for weather, water, ice and climate information for adaptation services

2018 – 2021

Funded by: Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada (CIRNAC), Climate Change Preparedness in the North Program (CCPN)

Photos: Andrew Arreak, Marlene Iqaqrialu, Aupaa Irkok, James Nanau Tagalik, Arctic Eider Society

The Aqqiumavvik Society applied to CIRNAC CCPN funds to support the Nunavut-specific survey activities of the ArcticNet project on Community Weather, Water, Ice Info Uses & Needs.  Shirley Tagalik has extensive experience leading local research projects in Arviat, as well as co-leading and collaborating on various projects within the Kivalliq Region and across Nunavut.  The Aqqiumavvik Society is a leader in Nunavut with respect to community-based research that addresses community needs and priorities. Aqqiumavvik staff (Aupaa Irkok, Andrew Muckpah, Kukik Baker) have the experience and capacity to administer this project on behalf of Nunavut communities, and are eager to lead this networked approach to ensure the broadest range of community survey involvement in Nunavut. 

The survey goals and questions are the same as for the ArcticNet project, but focused on the work with 9 Nunavut communities.  Shirley played a key role in developing, coordinating, and facilitating the training for Local Research Coordinator (LRC) from Nunavut (along with Gita Ljubicic and Natalie Carter).  Aupaa and Andrew are facilitating all surveys in Arviat, and Kukik facilitates the payments for LRCs and survey participants across Nunavut.

In this project we follow the Aajiiqatigingniq research framework, outlined by the Aqqiumavvik Society working  with Elders from across Nunavut. This framework guides our collaborative efforts at consensus-building and decision-making in this project, and the larger ArcticNet project.

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See Community Weather, Water, Ice Info Uses & Needs

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