Our projects aim to address community-identified priorities. Our goal is for research to benefit community partners, contribute to decision-making, improve research practice, and support the next generation of northern researchers.

You can explore our current and past projects below. Select the project of interest to see a summary of each project, along with details of communities and people involved. You can also access copies of all reports, publications, and materials created in each project.

SUN Team Members also play different levels of supporting roles in the following projects:

  • Arctic Corridors, Northern Voices (Carter, Ljubicic)
  • Kangut: Documenting Inuit knowledge of light geese (Carter, Ljubicic)
  • Improving Canada’s climate change projections by incorporating Arctic shrub feedbacks (Watts, Ljubicic)
  • PPP-SERA: Polar Prediction Project Societal and Economic Research Application (Ljubicic)
  • SIKU: The Inuit Knowledge Wiki and Social Mapping Platform (Sheremata, Ljubicic)
  • SmartICE: A landfast sea ice information platform to support local decision-making (Wilson, Ljubicic)
  • Water for life in Mittimatalik (Pond Inlet) Nunavut: Inuit contributions to community-based source water protection (Ljubicic)
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