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Banner Photo: Gita Ljubicic

Welcome back Charlotte!

Welcome back to Charlotte Buttle! In Fall 2020, Charlotte worked with Gita Ljubicic to complete her Independent Study Exploring how the Social Determinants of Inuit Health are addressed through Community-led Programming in Nunavut. Her interest in food security challenges in Nunavut continued to grow through that research, and now she is back for summer 2021 having secured a McMaster Undergraduate… Read More

Seeking graduate students to join our team

We are looking for two graduate students who are interested in making research work for Nunavummiut. This is part of a new project co-led by researchers at the Nunavut Research Institute, McMaster University, and Qaujigiartiit Health Research Centre. We have funded positions for an MA and PhD student, to start this fall or fall 2022…. Read More

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