Weather and Society Workshop 2022

Banner Photo: Gita Ljubicic

Carter, N., and Ljubicic, G. (2022). Weather and Society in Inuit Nunangat: User needs, service provider efforts, and opportunities for the future. Proceedings of the Weather and Society online workshop focused on Inuit Nunangat, March 8-10, 2022. Hamilton, ON. Released, October 31, 2022.

Presentation Videos and Resources from the virtual Weather & Society Workshop focused on Inuit Nunangat

March 8 – 10, 2022

This gathering brought together close to 120 community members, northern/Inuit organizations, researchers, and service providers. The goal was to learn from diverse experiences, and develop new connections, to tailor environmental services to better meet Inuit community needs. 

For workshop details and presentation descriptions see the Workshop Agenda.

Contact Natalie Carter with questions or suggestions.

Day 1, Opening
Introductions, workshop overview
Gita Ljubicic, Aajiiqatigiingniq video (Part 1, see below) & SUN Team members (facilitators)
Day 1, Presentation 1
Nunavummiut uses and needs for weather, water, ice and climate information
Kukik Baker & Natalie Carter
Day 1, Presentation 2
Weather and ice on SIKU: Services and tools
Becky Segal & Andrew Arreak
Day 1, Presentation 3
SmartICE real-time monitoring and mapping – Sikumik Qaujimajjuti
Andrew Arreak, Leanne Beaulieu, Rex Holwell, Lynn Moorman, Becky Segal & Katherine Wilson
Day 1, Presentation 4
Harvest and environmental monitoring with InReach
John Bryan Idlout, Stephan Schott & Emmelie Paquette
Day 1, Closing
Summary of breakout discussions, closing the day
Breakout Group facilitators & Gita Ljubicic
Day 2, Opening
Overview of the day
Gita Ljubicic, Aajiiqatigiingniq video (Part 2, see below) & Ujjiqsuiniq video (see below)
Day 2, Presentation 1
Understanding and responding to changing sea ice and weather conditions in northern communities
David Atkinson, Laura Eerkes-Medrano, Adrienne Tivy, Armel Castellan & Sara Hoffman
Day 2, Presentation 2
C-CORE’s Floe Edge Monitoring Service
John Bennett
Day 2, Presentation 3
A community weather station network in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut
Brent Else
Day 2, Presentation 4
The Meteorological Service ofCanada: Review of products and services with a focus on the North
Armel Castellan, Tom Zagon & Kristine Confalone
Day 2, Closing
Summary of breakout discussions, closing the day
Breakout Group facilitators & Gita Ljubicic
Day 3, Opening
Overview of the day
Gita Ljubicic & Ittaq videos (see below)
Day 3, Presentation 1
Getting more from and other weather apps
Rick Thoman
Day 3, Presentation 2
Environmental monitoring with Cryologger weather stations
Derek Mueller & Adam Garbo
Day 3, Presentation 3
SIKU and Indigenous-led research and monitoring projects
Christina Macdonald
Day 3, Closing
Summary of breakout discussions, group feedback, closing the workshop
Breakout Group facilitators & Gita Ljubicic

Links to other videos shown during the workshop

Aajiiqatigiingniq (Aqqiumavvik Society)
Ujjiqsuiniq Young Hunters Program (Aqqiumavvik Society)
Inuit Community Uses and Needs for Weather, Water, Ice, and Climate Information in Nunavut
Photo slideshow shown throughout the Weather and Society Workshop 2022 (StraightUpNorth)
Research Activities (Ittaq Heritage and Research Centre)
Digital Media and Drone Work (Ittaq Heritage and Research Centre)
Land-based Programming (Ittaq Heritage and Research Centre)

Links to presenter websites and resources shared

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