New SUN Team Project – Inuit-led protected area design

In Winter 2022 MA Student Regena Sinclair started her research on Mapping Sanikiluarmiut Knowledge for Qikiqtait Protected Area Development.

This project is a partnership with the Arctic Eider Society, with the goal of investigating how environmental monitoring done by Sanikiluarmiut (people of Sanikiluaq, Nunavut) can be used to support the conservation priorities of the Qikiqtait Protected Area. Regena will be working with SIKU data to assess how this data can be used to support Inuit-led protected area design. She will contribute to the Qikiqtait Protected Area resource inventory by mapping and analyzing SIKU data and comparing how this resource inventory data aligns with Qikiqtait management priorities.

This project is an important part of understanding the influence of Sanikiluarmiut knowledge in shaping protected area design and implementation.

As Regena begins this research, she says:

“I am excited to contribute to the Qikiqtait Protected Area project goal of building a resource economy by supporting Sanikiluarmiut-led conservation and environmental monitoring. I am grateful for the opportunity to partner with and learn from the Qikiqtait Committee and the Arctic Eider Society, and participate in Inuit community-led research.”



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