New Paper – Northern Research Policy Contributions to Canadian Arctic Sustainability

Congratulations to Alison Perrin on the first paper published from her PhD research!

Northern Research Policy Contributions to Canadian
Arctic Sustainability 
(article in Sustainability, issue 13)

“Through a quantitative content analysis combined with a qualitative thematic analysis, this comprehensive review examines research policy, strategy, guidance, and program documents produced by northern and northern-focused governments and Indigenous organizations. Relationships, partnership, and communication are the foundations of
relevant and applicable research, requiring both resources and time for local and partner participation. Our analysis shows that researchers should consider potential policy applications for sustainability research early on in the development of research projects, ensuring that relevant local and policy partners are involved in designing the project and communicating results.”

SUN Team member Gita Ljubicic, along with Alison’s committee member Aynslie Ogden, are co-authors, supporting Perrin in sharing her work on northern research policy.

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