New Paper – The Mittimatalik Siku Asijjipallianinga (Sea Ice Climate Atlas)

We are excited to share the great work Katherine Wilson and Andrew Arreak are doing in Mittimatalik with the Sikumiut Committee to develop a sea ice climate atlas based on Inuit needs and priorities!

The Mittimatalik Siku Asijjipallianinga (Sea Ice Climate Atlas): How Inuit Knowledge, Earth Observations, and Sea Ice Charts Can Fill IPCC Climate Knowledge Gaps (article in Frontiers in Climate, issue 3)

“Inuit maintain the longest unrecorded climate history of sea ice in Canada, and to support Inuit community needs, a decolonized, Inuit knowledge-based approach was co-developed in the community of Mittimatalik, Nunavut (Canada) to create the Mittimatalik siku asijjipallianinga (sea ice climate atlas) 1997–2019. This paper presents the novel approach used to develop the atlas based on Inuit knowledge, earth observations and Canadian Ice Service (CIS) sea ice charts, and demonstrates its application. The atlas provides an adaptation tool that Mittimatalik can use to share locations of known and changing sea ice conditions to plan for safe sea ice travel.”

SUN Team member Gita Ljubicic, along with Katherine’s co-supervisor Trevor Bell, are co-authors, supporting Wilson, Arreak, and Sikumiut in sharing their work on the sea ice climate atlas in Mittimatalik.

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