Highlights from the Year of Polar Prediction Final Summit in Montreal

YOPP Final Summit
Montréal, Québec (August 29 – September 1, 2022)

SUN Team members Natasha Mablick-Simonee, Natalie Carter, Andrew Arreak, and Katherine Wilson presented as part of a keynote panel “Sila qanuippa? (How’s the weather?)”. They shared their experiences with strengths and challenges for polar prediction products around Mittimatalik (Pond Inlet, Nunavut). They also called for a “scalable collaborative approach to northern meteorological services”.

Gita Ljubicic shared an overview of ArcticNet project results on Nunavummiut uses and needs for weather, water and ice information, Natalie Carter presented on our research process, and Jason Carpenter presented Iqaluit-specific survey results.

Natasha and Jason both emphasized that “better [environmental] products and more accurate forecasts will save lives”. This strong message was cited by many participants throughout the week, getting service providers thinking about meeting diverse user needs!!


Gita is also part of the Polar Prediction Project (PPP) Societal and Economic Research and Applications (SERA) Task Team, who organized several special sessions at the YOPP Final Summit. The goal of PPP-SERA activities through the week was to get people talking about societal implications of weather and climate services. There were great science to services sessions, and opportunities for exchange with scientists, service providers, policy makers, and decision makers.

Cultural Awareness

We enjoyed and learned from the powerful words and performances shared by Indigenous leaders, educators, and artists throughout the conference…

Dr. Kenneth Deer opened the meeting with a beautiful Thanksgiving Address.

Jimmy Uqittuq was amazing! So unique to hear throat singing along with drum dancing!!

Lydia Etok and Nina Segalowitz were incredible! Not only fantastic singers, but raising cultural awareness, emphasizing the importance of science communication, and encouraging working together.

Many thanks to each of you for sharing your stories, lessons, and talents.

Photos: Neil Gordon, Gita Ljubicic, and Jean Holloway

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