SUN Team hosts Weather and Society Workshop – March 2022

For three afternoons, March 8 – 10, 2022, a diverse group of northern/Inuit organizations, community members, researchers, students, government workers, and service providers came together for a virtual Weather and Society workshop focused on Inuit Nunangat (Inuit homelands in Canada). The goal of this workshop was to learn from diverse experiences, develop new connections, and tailor environmental services to better meet Inuit community needs.

Hosted by the StraightUpNorth team, we had 115 registered participants and up to 70 people joining each day. We had presentations and breakout discussions on:

  • User needs and community services
  • Service providers and efforts to tailor services
  • Opportunities for training, monitoring, and funding

View the detailed meeting agenda, and presentation descriptions.

Many thanks to all presenters, facilitators, and participants for making it an engaging and informative workshop!

Workshop updates, reports, and videos will be available on our Community Weather, Water Ice Info Uses and Needs project page.

Contact Gita Ljubicic with questions or comments.

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