Weather and Society Workshop – March 2022

Are you interested in joining a virtual Weather and Society workshop in March 2022?

The gathering aims to bring together community members, northern/Inuit organizations, academics, and service providers. The purpose is to learn from diverse experiences, and develop new connections, to tailor weather, water, ice, and climate (WWIC) services to better meet Inuit community needs.
This workshops seeks to build on, and expand, work being done as part of an ArcticNet-funded project and international efforts in the Polar Prediction Project.

This FREE meeting will be hosted on Zoom, with options for video or audio (phone) call-in.

Representatives are welcome from:

  • Community-based monitoring programs across Inuit Nunangat
  • Inuit organizations
  • Northern colleges and research centres
  • Territorial, Provincial and Inuit governments
  • Universities and NGOs doing relevant community-partnered research
  • Environment and Climate Change Canada
    • Meteorological Service
    • Ice Service
    • Climate Services
  • Among others with interest in this topic…

If you are interested in attending, please take 3 minutes to complete the survey at the link below (or scan the QR code to the left), to help with planning dates, times, and topics of interest.

Feel free to share this link with anyone else who may be interested.

Contact Gita Ljubicic with questions or additional suggestions.

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