Stuart Anderson

Stuart Anderson

PhD Student
School of Earth, Environment and Society
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario


To be confirmed


I grew up in Mississauga and attended the University of Waterloo for my BA in Honours Anthropology (2013) and later my MA in Public Issues Anthropology (2017). I also graduated from Fleming College’s Environmental Visual Communication program in 2018 which focused on communication in relation to Indigenous knowledge. Engaging with a number of environmental issues in previous research, I joined the School of Earth, Environment and Society at McMaster University to start my PhD in Geography in September 2021. I am interested in the role technologies have to play in the dissemination and communication of knowledge in the Arctic. I am working to refine my research focus, and am interested in contributing to the SUN Team project Making Research Work for Nunavummiut.

I have worked as a lifeguard/instructor, at a couple of golf courses, as an English teacher in South Korea, and most recently as a Junior Business Analyst for the Canadian Kennel Club. I have also travelled to over 20 countries, learning as much as I can in each one. My favourite places so far are Kyoto, Japan in winter, Greece in summer, India in spring, and probably Canada in autumn. My love for culture, learning and teaching brought me back to academia. In my free time I go running, camping and hiking. I also enjoy using my own technology to take photos and videos, mostly of nature and the extended family of dogs. I have also dabbled in website and digital design. Throughout the year, I try to get to the cottage with my family, no matter the temperature.

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