Emmelie Paquette

PhD Student

Department of Geography and Environmental Studies
Carleton University
Ottawa, Ontario
Email: EmmeliePaquette@cmail.carleton.ca
Facebook: Emmelie Paquette
Twitter: @EmmeliePaquette

Through my MSC and under the supervision of Dr. Ljubicic and Dr. Johnson, I had the opportunity to learn from Uqsuqtuurmiut as about changes to caribou sea ice habitat. I gained experience in public relations through my participation in the organizing committee for the 2018 North American Caribou Workshop Conference. Through my position with Ljubicic, I was able to work with Inuit researchers from various communities (nine communities, in person and online) and facilitate the execution of a Nunavut-wide survey concerning environmental characteristics, uses, and available services. Under the supervision of Stephan Schott, I have led the management of two projects engaging with community groups in Gjoa Haven and Taloyoak. I manage the daily activities of the polar harvest study, and have supervised five community members hired as a part of the study. In contribution to the broader FISHES project, I have co-lead the hosting of several workshops with women of all ages, Elders and active harvesters in both communities.  In the past five years, I have gained experience in managing the priorities of diverse stake-holders and identifying ways to work together to meet the goals of the communities we are accountable to. 


MSc (2020): [Caribou and Sea Ice Crossings]

Paquette, E. (2020).  The potential impacts of sea ice and ship traffic change to caribou sea

ice crossings surrounding King William Island, Nunavut. (MSc, Carleton University).

Paquette, E., Ljubicic, G., Johnson, C., Okpakok, S., Mueller, D., Montpetit, B. Accepted in Arctic June 2022 (In revision). Seasonal sea ice conditions affecting caribou crossing areas around Qikiqtaq, Nunavut: Uqsuqtuurmiut knowledge guiding ice chart analysis. 

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