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Northern Research Requires a Diverse and Talented Team

We work together on various projects in order to ensure that northern perspectives are represented and that northern interests are incorporated into the research questions and topics investigated.  Collaborative research can be challenging (especially from a distance!), but it also provides exciting opportunities for knowledge exchange and new ideas.  In northern communities where environmental, social, political, economic, and cultural issues are so intertwined, it is important to have an interdisciplinary team contributing diverse backgrounds and experiences.  Therefore, collaborative research methods and Indigenous methodologies also become a topic of investigation, and an area we continue to strive to improve.

University Researchers

  1. Gita Ljubicic (Laidler) (SUN team leader)

  2. Joel Heath

  3. Sean Robertson

  4. David Atkinson

  5. Bryan Grimwood

Graduate Students

  1. Rebecca Mearns

  2. Erica Oberndorfer

  3. Leah Ronayne

  4. Alex dePaiva

  5. Romola Trebilcock

  6. Former graduate students

Community Researchers

  1. Pootoogoo Elee

  2. Eric Joamie

  3. Theo Ikummaq

  4. Simon Okpakok

Larger Team

  1. GCRC Members

  2. Northern & Government Collaborators