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The word sikulirijiit means “people who talk/think about, or deal with, sea ice”, siku being a generic term for “sea ice” in Inuktitut (the language of Inuit).  Therefore, our original research focus on the dynamic and essential sea ice environment included Inuit experts and scientists alike, anyone with interests and/or experiences related to sea ice.

Broader Research Interests

  1. BulletInuit knowledge of arctic environments

  2. Bulletrelationships between language, knowledge, and use of northern environments

  3. Bulletgeomatics and multi-media tools to represent dynamic knowledge and environmental systems

  4. Bulletsea ice and marine environments

  5. Bulletcaribou, vegetation, and terrestrial environments

  6. Bullethuman dimensions of environmental change

  7. BulletIndigenous research methodologies and ethics

  8. Bulletlinking Inuit and scientific knowledge to support decision-making

  9. Bulletnorthern content and contributions in education materials and programs

I welcome feedback on any of these projects, or previous results.  Working in collaboration with northern communities we continue to refine and build upon earlier findings, as well as to explore new representations of current results, to render them more useful in an educational and decision-making context.