Pangnirtung, NU April 22 - May 14, 2009


I was so fortunate to participate in spring camp this year, run by the local Attagoyuk (high school) and Alookie (elementary) Schools.  I went out with the high school students during the first week of camp (April 27 - May 1), and thoroughly enjoyed the experience - from getting to know the students and teachers, to learning from the guides and elders, to experiencing the floe edge and turbot fishery in Cumberland Sound, to catching char inland, to “dancing” to fiddle tunes in a camp jam.  I worked with 1 teacher and 7 students particularly, as part of our NNI project as they documented their camp experiences with photo and video.  Amos from the GCRC lab then joined me later in the trip, to continue working with the students in a computer lab setting. read more visit the online journal archive.


Adventures in Pangnirtung (Introduction to Spring Camp)

G. J. Laidler