Pangnirtung, NU Apr 26 - May 11, 2005


This last field trip to Pangnirtung was rather different than the others. The main focus was to revise transcripts and maps with people we had interviewed, to clarify any inaudible parts of interviews, to draft a diagram linking sea ice terminology in chronological (seasonal) order, and to travel on the ice more. As it turns out, some of these got done, some didn’t, and a lot of unexpected things came up in between.

The first shock upon arrival was to find out that one of the elders that we had interviewed during my February trip had passed away, and his funeral had been just the day before I got into town. Andrew, who I had been working with, had been good friends with this elder so it was a hard time for him to be trying to work. Luckily Eric, who I had also worked with on my very first research trip, was around and available so some things were able to continue. It is certainly a long process to be revising transcripts, filling in the inaudible/unclear parts, but a very valuable one. read more visit the online journal archive.


Adventures in Pangnirtung (Research Trip #4)

G. J. Laidler