Pangnirtung, NU Apr 29 - May 19, 2004


I was in Pangnirtung from April 29 to May 19.  It was another wonderful learning experience, with challenges on many fronts.

Things got off to an interesting start, with the annual Nunavut Municipalities meeting held in Pang on the first weekend of my visit.  This is where all the Mayors and Senior Administrative Officers from each community around Nunavut get together, along with other Nunavut bureaucrats (the Premier, the Member of Parliament, and many Members of the Legislative Assembly), to discuss  politics and various other pertinent issues at the municipal and territorial levels. It was an open meeting, so I attended several sessions and it was a very enlightening experience.   

Research work started out a bit slowly, as I had planned to work with Andrew but he was tied up with things related to these municipal meetings.  However, we conducted a few interviews during the first week, and things went quite well.   I was also looking forward to participating in a fishing derby on the second weekend of my stay, partly to see what it's like, and partly to get out on the ice!!  To get to the fishing lake you have to travel across Pangnirtung fiord and then inland into mountainous areas - it would have been quite an interesting trip.  However, there was an unfortunate local event that caused the derby to be postponed.  It was a sad time around town, so I just lay low for a while hoping to leave a respectful amount of time before attempting to resume interviews. read more visit the online journal archive.


Adventures in Pangnirtung (Research Trip #1)

G. J. Laidler