Pangnirtung, NU Feb 1 - 21, 2005


It was pretty much a blizzard for the first week I was in Pang, especially over the weekend. I was holed up in the house transcribing, and shoveling myself out of the house when I needed to leave. A notable outing was the first Saturday afternoon where I attended a local “penny sale”. This name is kind of misleading, as there are no pennies involved, and it’s not really a sale. It is quite neat though, and they are run as very successful fundraisers. I bought $5 worth of tickets and put them all into one prize bag – a tea and coffee package that caught my eye (could come in handy for meetings). I sat with Andrew, and it was neat that he offered to translate what was going on. It was also great to see so many friendly faces in the community hall. Lots of “how are yous”, but too bad I can’t go much past that in Inuktitut. Anyway, as it happens, I did win that prize, and had to get up in front of everyone! It was even more funny because the person announcing the winners was an elder I had interviewed twice, and traveled on the ice with. He introduced me as “sikuliriji” (ice lady, or person studying ice) which confused a lot of people, and I met the new Mayor unofficially at that point as well. That coffee and tea did come in very handy after all, as we managed to organize a focus group the second week (including the elder who announced me that day) to go over sea ice pictures and link up terminology to visual ice conditions. It was certainly a good deal, where large tins of coffee up north cost just under $20!! read more visit the online journal archive.


Adventures in Pangnirtung (Research Trip #3)

G. J. Laidler