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  1. BulletSummer 2015 - Summer 2016 Update (EnglishE. Oberndorfer


  1. BulletSample Artisan Biographies  E. Oberndorfer (Created for the 14th Congress of the International Society of Ethnobiology in Bumthang, Bhutan, from June 1-7, 2014 - see blog post for more background)

  2. Chantelle Andersen

  3. Mary B Andersen

  4. Tony Andersen

  5. Carol Gear

  6. Jessica Winters

  7. Nellie Winters

  8. BulletSample Thank You Certificates  E. Oberndorfer (Created to thank Makkovimiut for their artistic contributions shown above)

  9. Mary B Andersen

  10. Tony Andersen

  11. Carol Gear

  12. Jessica Winters

  13. Nellie Winters


  1. BulletPlant Dyes Workshop Poster  E. Oberndorfer

  2. BulletPeople and Plants Project Community Meeting and Plant Bingo Information Poster (English & InuttitutE. Oberndorfer


  1. BulletPeople and Plants Project Community Priorities Meeting Information Poster (English & Inuttitut)         E. Oberndorfer

  2. BulletPeople and Plants Project Bilingual Information Pamphlet  E. Oberndorfer