Igloolik (Iglulik)

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We are grateful to the elders and hunters who have shared their knowledge with us, and to local organizations and individuals that continue to support and facilitate this work, including:

  1. Bulletthe Mayor, Senior Administrative Officer, and Hamlet Council

  2. Bulletthe Hunters and Trappers Association

  3. Bulletthe Nunavut Research Institute

  4. Bulletthe Qikiqtani Inuit Association Community Liaison Officer

  5. BulletAttagutaaluk High School Principal and teachers

  6. BulletGovernment of Nunavut Departments of Environment, and Culture, Language, Elders & Youth

Community-specific research results, summary reports, maps, and other resources are available in the reports section, while personal accounts of research trip and collaboration experiences are found in the trips & photos section.

From February 2004 to March 2011, we worked closely with Theo Ikummaq in Igloolik to document and better understand Inuit expertise on sea ice conditions, processes, use, and change.