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Inuit Knowledge Project [Parks]


IKP Overview (2006 - 2009)

Having worked in Pangnirtung since 2003, the Parks Canada office was one of the local organizations I maintained continual contact with, and that helped over the years in providing in-kind support and valuable feedback.  After my results reporting visit in 2006, one of the acting park staff let me know of the Parks Canada-funded Inuit Knowledge Project that was developing an initial focus on sea ice hazards and safety in and around Nunavut national parks.  Following up on their suggestion to contact project investigators, and based on similar and overlapping interests, things evolved quickly and I became a Research Associate for the project to fill in for a maternity leave.  Therefore, I have been directly involved in some aspects of the Qikiqtarjuaq part of the project because of my previous work in Pangnirtung (both being neighbouring communities of Auyuittuq National Park), as well as contributing to consultation and training workshops that involve Working Group members and community researchers from all three Parks (Sirmilik, Auyuittuq, and Ukkusiksalik).  Through my SSHRC-funded postdoc I aimed to stay involved with this innovative project, and attempted to link it to the IPY project. 

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