Igloolik, NU Oct 27 - Nov 15, 2004


The trip started off slowly, since I was stuck in Iqaluit for three days waiting for weather to clear in both Iqaluit, and Igloolik, on different days. I’ve been quite fortunate with weather in many of my previous trips, so I figured it would catch up to me eventually.

Once in Igloolik (which was actually late on Wed. Oct. 27, instead of Mon. Oct. 25) things went much smoother than I ever could have anticipated. I had a great place to stay, since my friend Julie from UofT just moved to Igloolik to take up a Nunavut government position. It’s a nice change to know the person I would be staying with, and it was great to have a full (ok less than full after the weather delays) three weeks to catch up.

I set out on the first Thursday to meet a translator I had talked to before my arrival. He now works at the Hamlet Council Office, so I had wondered if he would have enough time. He was quite interested in working with me, and was very helpful in looking through the list of people I hoped to interview, as well as beginning to inquire with people about their willingness to be interviewed and the best time to do so. Unfortunately, when I saw him on Friday he said that he had a course for the next two weeks, and really wouldn’t be able to work with me. He had already contacted several people though, and they were all happy to be interviewed at various preferred times. We brainstormed a little for another potential translator to work with, and so ended up contacting Theo, who had actually been suggested to me by other people as well. Theo also happened to be on the interview list, so that was neat.

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Adventures in Igloolik (Research Trip #1)

G. J. Laidler