Igloolik, NU Jun 6 - 27, 2005


It is with both sadness and excitement that I write about my last research trip. It is very exciting to be done a long year of much travel and much field work, and to complete a major stage in my PhD research. However, that stage completion is also a bit sad since I have very much enjoyed my time living and learning in all three Nunavut communities, and it’s hard to imagine not being up there for a while.

I arrived in Igloolik on June 6, to still cool temperatures but to glorious 24-hour sunshine. I was very fortunate to once again work with Theo, he is a wonderful teacher and I am always learning. After two days getting oriented and organized, we began the last of our interviews. We were able to conduct two each day, for three days, so getting 6 more interviews done.  This was about the number I had been aiming for – since I also wanted to get out on sea ice trips, and spend a lot of time with terminology and map revisions.

The first Saturday in town we managed a quick day trip to the mainland (Melville Peninsula) to get pictures and video of the floe edge, the shoreline, and an important reef which causes considerable ice pile-up and thus is very influential on the local ice conditions linking Igloolik Island with the mainland.

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Adventures in Igloolik (Research Trip #2)

G. J. Laidler