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Opportunities for Partnerships

As a small but growing group, we welcome opportunities to make research work for broader purposes, and to connect academic, governmental, community, and non-governmental organizational networks.  We are especially interested in:

  1. Bulletsupporting efforts to help research results become more incorporated into governmental or non-governmental decision-making processes;

  2. Bulletproviding research support to northern communities, Inuit organizations, or government departments working on their own projects. 

We want to ensure that research addresses northern needs and interests, therefore we are especially keen to help community groups or Inuit organizations in:

  1. Bulletdeveloping a collaborative project to target a particular local issues of interest;

  2. Bullethelping to identify or apply for project funding;

  3. Bulletsharing advice on considerations in designing and running an independent research project.

New Collaborations

  1. Contact Gita Ljubicic

Research Support Requests

  1. Contact Gita Ljubicic