Cape Dorset, NU Oct 28 - Nov 4, 2007


The main purpose of this trip was to provide public information sessions about the expansion of the Floe Edge Service in Cape Dorset, as well as to conduct a workshop about the service to refine the products to meet community needs.  Background on this service expansion is described in the online journal.  A few other highlights from this trip include:

  1. not travelling alone (Mark Kapfer of Noetix Research Ltd. arrived ahead of me, due to plane and weather delays, and was very helpful in arranging the presentations and was the main presenter in the information sessions)

  2. Halloween - visiting with Pootoogoo’s kids as they got ready for trick-or-treating and kids coming to our door

  3. the Floe Edge presentations and workshop - meeting new people and helping to bring the service to the community

  4. watching the slow progression of new ice formation along the beach

  5. working with Pootoogoo to visit with elders and hunters interviewed over the past few years, and their amazing support for expanding and building upon the sea ice project within ISIUOP to develop more accessible, online educational materials

  6. incredible light and snow contrasts around town and between water and the surrounding shorelines

  7. a trip to Aupaluktuk point and a tour of the new Dorset Suites hotel by Huit Huit Tours owner Kristiina Alariaq

Adventures in Cape Dorset (Floe Edge Expansion information sessions and workshops)

G. J. Laidler