Cape Dorset, NU Nov 19 - Dec 2, 2004


After being delayed for four days between Igloolik and Cape Dorset, stuck in Iqaluit due to blizzards in Cape Dorset and bad weather in Iqaluit, I was anxious to arrive and get going.  I finally made it there on Friday, November 19.  I was fortunate to again be sharing great accommodations with a wonderful local woman and her two-year old daughter. 

The first Saturday I was in town, I was glad to have the opportunity to learn about, and attend, a local craft fair.  People around town rent tables to sell their crafts, and there was a lot of baking and food too!!  I debated about several purchases, and then since things were getting snapped up quickly, I finally did buy a pair of seal skin mitts.  Yes, I admit I never thought I’d be buying any kind of fur, and yet up here, it is so practical and so natural that I felt almost compelled to do so.  I wore them ever since I bought them, and got several comments on how nice they were.  Not to mention the looks, they are incredibly warm!!  And for my constantly cold hands, they are working wonders.  Of course I shouldn’t be surprised, since I am continually reminded in interviews (and even in general) that skin clothing is so much more practical, and warm, compared to synthetic fibres.  But I’m finally experiencing it, and it’s quite neat. read more visit the online journal archive.


Adventures in Cape Dorset (Research Trip #2)

G. J. Laidler