Cape Dorset, NU May 11 - 24, 2005


Similar to my last Pangnirtung trip, the main focus in Cape Dorset was to revise transcripts and maps with people we had interviewed, to clarify any inaudible parts of interviews, to draft a diagram linking sea ice terminology in chronological (seasonal) order, and to get out on the sea ice more.  Also similar to the most recent Pangnirtung experience, some of these got done and some didn’t. 

I was saddened upon arrival to find out that another one of the elders that we had interviewed had passed away recently, this one in Cape Dorset.  To add to that, there had been a recent tragedy in town whereby a search and rescue effort ended in two people perishing after driving off the floe edge in very poor visibility (and due to rapidly changed ice conditions).  The whole town felt the impact of this accident, and it turns out that one of the people involved was the uncle of the woman I normally stay alternative accommodations were arranged to provide her and her family the necessary time and space to grieve. read more visit the online journal archive.


Adventures in Cape Dorset (Research Trip #4)

G. J. Laidler