Cape Dorset, NU Mar 19 - Apr 1, 2009


        We returned from an amazing trip to Cape Dorset in March, working with an excellent group of elders and interpreters, where we were finalizing Inuktitut sea ice terminology to create a local sea ice dictionary.  Our team members and activities are outlined in our trip report.  We spent nearly a week refining the spellings and descriptions of Inuktitut sea ice terminology, linking photos to conditions described by various terms, and creating a seasonal progression of sea ice formation and melt to specifically reflect local conditions and expertise in Cape Dorset.   It was wonderful to have both Karen and I there to help facilitate, as well as to have both Pootoogoo and Nathaniel helping to confirm spellings and translations.  Mary, Atsiaq, Mangitak, and Etulu were all very patient and helpful as their confirmed descriptions and described the complexities of local sea ice processes.  We aim to have a draft of this dictionary for their final review in early September, and hope to make this resource publicly available by the New Year.

All photos by Gita Laidler or Karen Kelley.

Adventures in Cape Dorset (Research Trip #6)

G. Laidler and K. Kelley