Boothia Peninsula, NU June, July, & August, 2001


The summer we spent camping and conducting vegetation research for remote sensing ground truthing was a unique, life-changing experience for me...having never camped for longer than a weekend in a campground before.  I was certainly apprehensive and excited about what I considered to be a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  For two months, myself and two other students, Craig Sheriff and Andrew Forbes, camped alone on the tundra.  We were faced with several logistical challenges, along with sampling and isolation issues, but through this we learned to work well together.  These experiences also fostered great personal growth, requiring physical and mental stamina, but I also found myself enjoying the solitude and revelling the immersion in the tundra landscapes and arctic elements.  My supervisor Paul Treitz joined us for the last two weeks of camp, and provided much needed moral and technical support to deal with some of the remaining sampling issues.  These pictures can’t possibly capture the vastness of the tundra expanses, the beauty of the 24-hr sun, the power of the elements, the minute beauty of tundra flowers, or the excitement of being near arctic wildlife, but they’re a pretty good sample of our summer on the tundra.

Adventures on Boothia Peninsula, Master’s field work

G. J. Laidler